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Kiddi Day Kare -

Before and After School

Trying to juggle work, home and school is not an easy task. At Kiddi Day Kare we know because we've been there too. Its not possible to be in two places at once and so let us help you.

Making use of our fleet of cars we can pick up your child from home and after breakfast with friends can get to school in time for a day of learning. When the school bell rings at the end of the day we are there again to pick them up and take them back to Kiddi Day Kare for tea. Finally, if it makes life any easier, we can even drop them off at home too.

We provide support for schools in Dukinfield / Hyde / Ashton  / Hattersley / Denton / Stalybridge / Millbrook and we are more than happy to make this list much bigger !


Breakfast Klub



Time to eat before school is important but having time to do this with friends is fun. Knowing that your child is getting to school and fed is another weight off your mind.


Tea time



At the end of a long day children are always hungry.


For you after a long day at work the last thing you really want to do is start tea for everyone. At Kiddi Day Kare its all done. A hot meal before they get picked up allows time for reading, homework and most of all story time. 

Last bits of energy.


Even after a busy day at school learing all about the world, they always seem to have enough energy for chit chat and running around.


Our outdoor play area has been transformed into a Kiddi Village so that their imaginations can be stretched even more each day. Playing on the pirate ship, kicking a ball, or being the fastest in the race will have them using up whatever energy reserves they have left.

Mini master chefs or little presidents.


Learning to bake cookies, paint inside the lines or mediate between two friends are all skills that will prepare them for later life.


The next Mary Berry, Taylor Swift, Erling Haaland, or J. K. Rowling may just start life at Kiddi Day Kare.


Let the enthusiasm and passion grow at Kidd Day Kare.

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