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If you are looking for a new challenge this year please feel free to send

us over your CV to

Free Childcare places available

Out of School Places Available for Sept 2023
Call Stephen 07878357755 or Su 07984994324

Welcome to Kiddi Day Kare !!!

What a year we have all had. Lots of people have struggled and children need a helping hand for 2021.  

Our nurseries are continuing to keep the children safe and protected as much as possible and yet planning for some better times ahead. We still need to be careful and the new normal will be strange for some.


Our new Hyde Setting on Clarendon Road is getting busier and the children are already getting bigger! Places are still available for Sept 2021 for any child - so pop in and have a chat with us.


For the bigger children going to primary school or going back to primary school is a big step and sometimes we need help at each end of the school day.


Places are available for Out of School club - call to secure a place. 

No booking sessions on an app / no booking for just a term - simply register and that's it  - Welcome aboard

Our Rooms


Each child at Kiddi Day Kare is an individual and encouraged to grow and learn. To help them do this they will spend time with babies and children who are similar to them in one of the rooms below.


Friendships begin here !!!

  • Baby room.

  • Toddlers.

  • Pre school.

  • Before and after school.

How to fill a day?

Early Learning


Numbers, letters, colours sounds and songs. All of this gets packed into a normal day.


Song time and play time are all opportunities to learn and children love to learn.


You'll be surprised what you learn when you hear all about their day.


Having fun


Glue, glitter paint, cakes.


Big things to fit into the day of such a little person.


Plenty of memories made each day.


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